Music From The Masses – curated by Matthis Fritsch

Music For Installations contributed a piece of music for the Music from the Masses project from Matthias Fritsch. He created several clips in the length of an average music video. The clips are then put available online and can be downloaded by musicians, composers and sound designers from all over the world that wish to produce and propose soundlayers for them. There are no restrictions or guidelines to follow (info taken from the website). The selected clip is a video with jellyfishes. We had a nice time to work on a video which was already ‘ambient’ by itself. The project is ongoing and displayed on exhibitions.

(also quote from the website:) “Music from the Masses” is intended for distribution on video portals such as YouTube as well as for exhibitions in museums and galleries. The work is an open edition, and it is always possible to add new compositions and variations. This generic model of recycling and generating new material resembles the “Youtube-Reality”, where material is in constant flux. Music For Installations is very impressed by the workflow: instead of working in a selective method, restricting yourself to certain instruments and sounds, Music From The Masses works in a complete opposite way. It gathers a maximum of information from which results are extracted. It is fascinating to see a project working in an opposite way.