Thursday night 28/11/2013 all Museum stay on late, as this is the (in)famous Night of the Museum, also at the Museum of Fine Arts in Gent. The theme were we were asked to play a role in, is nature, or more in detail forests. So… we started to create some soundscapes which quickly evolved in tracks winding around the exhibition of paintings of Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis. The man had Synesthesia, which was the perfect title for our music.

In the beautiful gallery with statues and colums, soundscapes played around, fragrants were released by a scent-dj and Niek Cornil joined in, for the first time and certainly not the last time, to display videos on the huge walls available. Perfect Synesthesia! Together with the new tracks, some material and remixes from the Finnish Haukijärvi project were used. MFI was at Arteles in 2011. The fantastic environment there in Finland was a great resource of inspiration. And this landscape is… full of wood. The scapes will ran from 18.00 hours till 01.00 hours at night. At peak hour, we did a full blown live-set.

(pictures mfi – msk – Jordi van Laer)