“Search, find, get bewildered, extract and compose anew!”

The main theme of the Emergeandsee-festival in Berlin is ‘En Detail’. A very interisting point of view for us as composers! The way that Music For Installations works in listening and creating artworks, is actually similar. The theme ‘En Detail’ is very much applied here in house. Music For Installations is invited to give a lecture about the use of details in contemporary music as we create it. Object of the lecture will be mainly focussing on examples to show the audience what you can do by picking out details and reshape them to something new.

Quote from the statement for Emergeandsee 2011: “Attention shifts. We are fascinated by he smallest detail and by the whole big thing. Within the framework of time and space, the appropriate scale is in demand: between big, small and very small – global, local and medial. In order to take a stand we focus on things, we watch and we listen very carefully. Our senses must be adjusted and sharpened. Moments, fragments, bagatelles at the fringes, how do we detect such details? And how do they change perception itself?

The engagement with detail is inseparably connected to the medial vehicles, which help us to detect and capture it. They zoom, amplify, enlarge and if nothing else, offer the possibility to reflect the change of perception caused by these very vehicles.”

The lecture itself will be held at the Bötzow-Brauerei in Berlin on Saturday 4th of June 2011 in the afternoon. This lecture will show some basic principles about the use of detailtechniques into contemporary electronic music. Some basic audio examples will be used to show the endless possibilities.

The lecture makes a short travel through some of the techniques that are used by Music For Installations in his creation process. Ever tried to used the sound of somebody snoring into a composition by using it as an effect? We did… . The lecture start with two general concepts. The first one is “Everything is Music” which departs from the basis that you can use every sound or detail to start a creative workflow. The second concept states that “Restriction creates Freedom”. By restricting yourself to certain elements, you make way for a cleaner path to a new composition. The next part in the lecture talks about using these concepts and details of available elements into a creative workflow.

It was very interesting to be submerged into the concept of details in various fields. For Music For Installations, the contrast with Matthias Fritsch (from Music From The Masses – where we made a track for too) was very interesting as his position was opposite to the position of our lecture and concepts we have shown. And we are grateful for that. It proves that what we see is not the whole truth, but that there are other means and ways for input to come to a creative process!

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