After a very interesting performance on Little Antenna, it’s time to move up to the stage of the big brother Antenna, Electronic Arts festival. Niek Cornil will sit aside on the stage and will interpret the music in real time with his video imagery.

Translated from the ANTENNA FESTIVAL SITE: For the first time a two-day festival brings Belgian artists from various art forms (sculpture, photography, film, graphics …) together with electronic music. An Electronic Art Scene so to speak: browsing in the world of “modern music and art”. During the two days there will be, in and around the cultural centre, a large number of workshops and musical events, including the lobby and mezzanine of the adjacent library. Think of next events: photo and film presentations, interactive sound installations, hands-on booths for modular synths and more. IPEM sound lab from Ghent University is also present. Curator in service is: Alain Wymeels.

Performs at Atenna: ENGERLING ENSEMBLE (a.k.a. Thomas Betsens & Tom Crul), JEAN-MARC LEDERMAN (Fad Gadget, Front 242), ANDRE STORDEUR TRIBUTE (Willy Van Buggenhout & Fran├žoise Vanhecke en Guy Drieghe-D., Roman Hiele, Philippe Petit (FR), Floris Vanhoof en Didah Drieghe-D..), 99.9 (Daniel B. Prothese -> Front 242, Nothing But Noise …), Edwin Vanvinckenroye (Troissoeur) en Elko Blijweert (Dead Man Ray, Gruppo Di Pawlowski), Formwandler (DJ), Bolt Ruin, Onsturicheit, Jurgen De Blonde, Kaotec, Resonl & Yukunai, Undertow, Poltrock, Jeroen De Wandel.

Gonzo Circus has a review online (courtesy Patsker Omaer Beguin).