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Scape it out

  • Turmoil in your face - Music For Installations
  • Somewhere between Saturn and Neptune - Music For Installations
  • Tutorial for two opposite moving circles - Music For Installations
  • Urgent time to stop all the action - Music For Installations
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Released on Bandcamp

Scape it Out is based on next concept: By sculpting existing sounds recorded somewhere on this planet, this recording has resulted in a very direct sonic landscape. The basic material has been shapeshifted, turned inside out, swapped and merged to create basic elements. This results in a new platform of ideas.

The soundscapes are a result of continuous refining and polishing of the acquired elements. By releasing them into the studio and giving them their own life, these four audio-adventures have emerged and will from now on be like a ‘perpetuum mobile’, only stopped by our faders. It is still a dream that somewhere in the real world a place can be created where one of these audio scapes can be put in an endless loop.

You, as listener, will then be invited to sit in the middle and experience. That’s what it is all about, experiencing sounds.


The soundscapes are inspired on the surroundings of a forest and the merging senses due to synesthesia. In the museum was on that moment also an exhibition of the painter ─îiurlionis. He was known to have synesthesia. The result is based on self-created soundscapes and field recordings from personal and external sources. It is very important to mention FREESOUND which played an important role in the gathering of source material. This website is a huge effort to free recordings of all sort, ready to use as a sound or as a source of inspiration. Please check the list further down this article for full credits.

Niek and Mfi form since this performance a strong duo, bringing the music to life on different locations and occasions. The album consists of new tracks, specially created for this event, and of remixes of soundscapes from the Haukij├Ąrvi project. This album makes a fine addition for drone lovers and deep soundscapers!


The tracks on this album were really supported well by some curators of modern mixed sources exhibitions. It appears that the quite abstract presence of the tracks went well with the modern concept of making noise inside a museum space. However, the second track could be accepted as a pure ambient, cosmic track. So perhaps the album is way more than just a walk through abstraction, perhaps it wanders more on the thin line between avant-garde and accesibility of abstract music.