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Painted reflections

  • Alhojärven (live) - Music For Installations
  • Dark Side 5 - Stopped (live) - Music For Installations
  • Synesthesia 6 (live) - Music For Installations
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Released on Bandcamp

Live on earth is quite meaningless. All this running about, getting important, finding a place for infinity. Why? Together with Jan Vindevogel, and with the kind support of Guy Van den Storme, Music for Installations displayed works in Oudenaarde, Belgium in a expo in a nice art-deco decor. On display were new visual artworks from Jan and soundworks from Music for Installations. The soundworks were displayed on different locations within the building. A live-moment captured the essence and was augmented by live video mixing by Niek Cornil.

This live set has been recorded and written down on two exclusive cd’s for sale on Bandcamp. Tracks from works at Arteles in Finland, from the Dark Side cycle and from the live session at the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent where brought live to a very kind and attentive audience.

On display

Very exclusive

Who is looking for an EXCLUSIVE gift? Recently this unique recording has been produced. It concerns the live-set during the exposition with artist Jan Vindevogel, at Oudenaarde in 2014. The live set of about one hour contains live adaptations form the album “Live at the Museum of Fine Arts”, released at the Databloem label, from Dark Side and some works that have not been published so far, created at location in Finland, at Arteles.

Two copies are for sale. The other copies go to the organizer of the event, the artist Jan and Niek, the video man.