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Fractions Of Unity

  • Fractal 1 (partial) - Music For Installations
  • Fractal 4 (partial) - Music For Installations
  • Fractal 6 (partial) - Music For Installations
  • Fractal 7 (partial) - Music For Installations
  • Fractal 9 (partial) - Music For Installations
  • Fractal 10 (partial) - Music For Installations
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Released on Wool-E Discs

Presenting the new album on the AntennA Festival, 22 of Februay 2020, where we play a live-set. The album will be release by WOOL-E Discs. Work is already some time in progress and is inspired on the small against the whole. In the music, abstract is again given a slightly more prominent role then in the latest album, without losing sight of the classical drone.

With the very important help by Dimitri from WOOL-E Discs, Lanfranco Aceti and Alain Kinet.

The album is placed in the sublabel Belgian Neumusic as Chapter number 30.

Merchants of Air has a review (courtesy Patsker Omaer Beguin).


Little moments of truth are the building blocks in the understanding of the greatness or even the infiniteness of being. Consider these ten fragments of sound which can be perceived as all small elements, that make a bigger whole as a concept in this album. However, each of these partials are a world, a soundscape on its own. Therefore the choice of the term fractal is not by coincidence. Whether you zoom in on details, or zoom out on the global context of each soundgarden, they will still evoke a kind of infinity that can be translated in the everlasting and returning dilemma of our own being: each living element versus the whole, in which we are set to live only a infinitesimal fragment of time.

Thanks to Lanfranco Aceti to be a source of inspiration for this album.

Small and Big

It will probably stay difficult for a long time to come to grasp the concept of the wholeness of the universe as we know it, that fits into one tiny point, if you would roll back until the beginning of time. The opposite sentiment is something that everybody will once have experienced on our planet: seeing, feeling a small object, moment, feeling which seems to show you the greatness of the whole, the infinity of our existence. Once you start contemplating these contracts, from big to small, form little to grand, you will quickly hit the border of what you can explain in maths and then the metaphysical will enter the game of thought. This fascinating, sort of pulsating, way of experiencing can be seen as the source, the ground tone of the small elements that have been used to build up this album.