Arteles Residency

Music For Installations has been selected for a residency at Arteles in Finland during October 2011. You can expect a series of soundscapes and musical introductions. As we are in a group of artists together in the wide outdoor nature of Finland, we hope that cooperations will be forged. A performance is foresoon next to other activities like a presentation in the Pori Art Museum.

On this page you can find the most information concerning this residency. Please click on one of the pictures to open sub-division. You can prelisten some of the creations of the Haukijärive-cyle. This cycle is a 31-day series of musical contributions that we will plan to release in the future.

Also there is an audio-blog available. It contains some reflections on the residency and also interviews with other residents. This might be an opportunity to you for getting to know new artists and fields.Music For Installations would like to thank everybody who believed in this project and supported it until know. We hope that the residency will be a fruitfull experience that will bring new insights and exciting audio adventures. (logo and some pictures property of Arteles)