Music For Installations presents...

Music For Installations is about experiencing. This is the place where sound meets space! Imagine being in a dark rectangular room with speakers in the four corners and only you as an object, absorbing the sound. Catching these sounds leads to sonic landscapes and active soundworlds. The music fits perfectly in empty places, dark rooms and can be the soundtrack of your artistic installations.

This is the basic principle of Music For Installations. Life is a stream of sounds. Most people don't hear it and let it pass. But if you capture that flow of chaotic patterns that surrounds us, you can find answers in what is moving around us, what our future could be, where we are going to.

Music For Installations has always been observing the soundworld of daily live, whether it is out in the outback or in the center of downtown. The studio is ideal to sit back in your own therapeutic space and reflect on things going by or the feelings you have experienced in your weird interaction with the rest of the world. But actually, any good room or any place in the world you can call home, would fit the requirements.

"The first things I remember are sounds. When I listen to people I don't hear words but melodies. When I stand in a room, I enjoy the way the music makes her way in the empty space around me."

It is in this collision of vibrations that we meet each other. They lead into soundscapes and drones which can be used in empty spaces, dark rooms, or to accompany installations. It's an impression sent out to catch a listeners ear. He/she can only experience and reflect on what he felt or saw.