Self-Imaging Print

Self ImagingRacism is a quick used term nowadyas. Due to the current changes through Europe, echo's from darker times emerge back at the surface. On the other side of the spectrum, there is also a tidal current which opposes any critisizm against the current decision processes within Europe, setting these critics aside as xenophobic racism, in stead of taking them seriously. Both are very unhealthy sounds within our current European entity. The pillars of democracy are shaking. Music For Installations shared a track to support Self-Imaging.

Quoting and supporting next statement: "While taking a look on the world map, it becomes obvious that the majority of the world population is not able to share these values, because their living conditions do not guarantee such values, like freedom of expression, freedom of the word, freedom of movement and other human rights, it seems to be rather like that, that human rights are valid only for the privileged (not only in the Western orientated democracies), while the human rights are withheld for all the others, especially the non-privileged (this is also good for the dramatically increasing number of non-privileged in the Western countries)".


When will peace arrive to humanity?

The selected track will appear online in November 2015. Check certainly the link above.