Soundscape Live - Museum Gent Print

Image of the Museum of Fine Arts Gent

Thursday night 28/11 is the Night of the Museum at the Museum of Fine Arts in Gent. The theme is forest. I've been asked to set up a soundscape inspired by that time. That is certainly something to look forward to. The soundscape will be played along with a person who works with fragrants. This will be a nice combination of both senses that will be triggered. For this project, I'll create new scapes and drones hence following my motto on top of this site:

sounds for locations, sounds for occasions. It's almost without any doubt that I will also use music from the FinnishHaukijärvi project. I did this project at Arteles in 2011. The fantastic environment there in Finland was a great resource of inspiration. And this landscape is... full of wood. So I'll grab some of those more experimental materials for working on during this project. If all goes well, we'll go for a live set during this night. The scapes will run from 18.00 hours till 01.00 hours at night. Welcome.



(picture property of Museum of Fine Arts - Gent)