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soundlab imageAs in 2009, we are again selected with a track for the soundlab exhibition. This year, soundlab VII will set off in autumn. It is an on-line available exhibiton of musical artists. Soundlab is organised by NewMediaFest and curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

'Soundlab represents an exciting composition consisting of soundcreations by soundartists which want to activate the senses, to encourage the listener to dive deeply until the bottom of the pool which is offerring a wide range of unusual soundart works.'

The track Fear - Signals of a Dying Planet has been selected

by Soundlab to take part into the exhibition. The title is clear by itself. All negative commotion that is sent towards us every day by the media about our planet, can only stirr up emotions, generating fear.

Sounlab VII carries the motto: 'The power of sound as a tool of communication'. By studying sounds of people and nature in the world and considering the background of an augmented sense of urgency to tackle global environmental problems which causes blind fear, this sonic scape has been formed almost by itself. To our surprise, inside the sounds used, was the cry of the planet already there. This landscape is then a direct way to communicate to the world that something has to be done in tackeling global problems like population, pollution and poverty. As the landscape moves along it dies out sending out slowly her fading message, which will happen in reality when nothing will be done.

This track is a clear message what fear can do and a call to go for a change!

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