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Following the Dark Side project, which tries to bring an emotional translation of depression, we would like to introduce the Dark Side sofa. Thanks to curator Lanfranco Aceti, the dream of display comes true. Did you ever see what is written in the artist statement on this website: "Imagine being in a dark rectangular room...and only you as an object, absorbing the sound." By putting the comfort of a sofa in the room, we invite the visitor to experience sounds and drones created for the Dark Side project. As there is no other distraction, the listener can focus completely on the presented audible content, if he/she puts away his/her phone for a minute off course... .


Afraid of depression? Well you're not alone. 90 percent of the people runs off once the word falls. This sofa tries to erase this ignorance and hopes to bring some understanding.

Sound Art gets its fine deserved place in this display: (quote from website Kasa Galeri)

"Sound artists have developed new ways to express thematic content through original aesthetic canons and modalities of interaction that are increasingly diverging from traditional interpretations and are adopting strategies of representation and engagement that continue to redefine the role of sound as an art medium."

This is also in the context of the ongoing process of debate about Sound Art Curating, for which we gave a lecture in Karlsruhe in 2013. If it sounds like Art, that's up to you, as Music For Installations is about experiencing... . We just create.

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