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music communication imageSound can be a powerful tool to explain to listeners, in a non-analytical way, what life is all about. Take a look at the 'Dark Side' album and its creation process. The message emerging from all whom we talked to in this project was very clear. Everybody needed less talk about prescriptions and more room to express themselves. Therefore: listen to the creative input of people in stead of reading books about it!

Now, that should do for a statement, isn't it?


You should take some time to dive into the sounds of the album Dark Side. The sounds, the feelings, the 'angst', the chaos, expressed by many is right there. It is so important to feel where people are going trough to enlighten your understanding. That is what we have learnt from the Dark Side project.


Music for Installations will not state that this is the only message! What we would like to point out is that there ought to be time invested into creative expressions from people involved, whether it is painting, sculpting, sound, novel or any other artform. Instead of studying, we need a more organical approach to 'depression' that is, and will continue to, ruining lives of great numbers of people if nothing will change. What we hear a lot is next complaint: if they could only understand what I feel. If only they would have been in the same state for only one hour in their lives. If only... .

The question is not what it is that drives these people into trouble but how they can realign themselves properly. How to restore the connection between the left and right side in your brain? Understanding is more an issue than painstackingly poking into every bit of mental history. Therefore make some room for people who can communicate intuitively what is happening! You will learn a lot.


While creating the album Dark Side, the main motivation was not a to be depressed. Certainly not. Nobody sits before his gear, and thinks... well... let us ruin ourselves for a moment here and see what will happen and what output we will have. Nah, that's not the way creativity goes. These things come by themselves. You create music or soundscapes. And while ideas where building up into soundscapes, it became quite clear that Music For Installations was making a soundtrack for a state of mind, influenced by all the people who talked about it. So thank you everybody for their openess.

The result is a dark ambient story line which gives the listener the opportunity to experience the soundworld. By stopping the player, he or she can easily and safely take distance of it. The album follows five different stages, intuitively defined by Music for Installations, coming from the study for this album. It all starts with fear, which can be so overwhelming, that it takes control of your brain, blocking out your analytic powers. This results in chaos that will make any reasonable thinking impossible. In fact you will not be able anymore to make a long chain of reasonable associations which can help you stabilize the patterns. This chaos will enhance the fear that is already running loose. This will finally result in the fact that you will feel that you have suffered braindamage, that some connections inside are broken or destroyed. It will feel like standing in the middle of a ruin. The only thing you can do is stop and start over again building, block by block, row by row. This process manifests itself on macroscopic level in all the important things you are doing. But also on microscopic level, you will find this back in every thought.

Altough the drones are rough, they were never intended to destroy. In fact, the creator states that it helped to understand the situation and helped to heal. Therapists should make room for taking time to experience, in a safe way. Let the emotions that define this hard conditions flow, instead of analyzing forever something that cannot be measured! Maybe then it is possible to give all the keys necessary for opening the exit door.

In honour of all that stepped forward...


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