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Sound is an exprerience
written Veera Kangasputa, Hämeenkyrön Sanomat 27.10.2011

The sound of swans goes around on the lake, modifies, grows. Through every round, on a simple voice, new electronical music is composed. He sits next to his computer and talk about his work: "This is how I read the emotions of certain kind of moments".

Sounds grab to our minds and takes us to our memories to confront our personal history. To experience sound, you need to reserve time and concentrate in it. "Imagine yourself in a dark room, and sound coming to you from a corner." When other senses are blocked, the auditive sense gets stronger."

The purpose of his music is not to copy familiar sounds, but to reflect through music certain athmospheres. "My topics can be anything, something what I have seen, felt or heard."

The music is melancholic, but gentle. "The listener may hear a distance pain in my music." The artist says that the talent to express the melancholic feelings in other people has been with him since child. "I believe that every person can have a some kind of talent to do art. But not everybody justd wants to find it, or they don´t know how to express it out."

He has been interested about music since childhood. "I was born surrounded by electronical music and then decided to test to do it by myself." The final decission to choose art as a career happened six years ago. "Something had happen during my path and I was ready. And it was a right decission."

At the moment there are two kind of music: Ambient and experimental. "I have two identities." Decoded to the artist, even the experimental music can be listened to and is at least somehow reachable: "Someone just mixes sounds with computer and that´s it."

The artist can not completely explain the process of composition. "The bigest part of the composition happens in my mind." The instrument of the artist is computer, what he uses to built complete compositions. At the moment the artist is composing music in ARTELES and is inspired by Haukijärvi surroundings. "The scene in autumn has it´s affection."

He pays attention especially to the nature. It is relaxed, calm compared to the busy city life. His goal is to compose 31 songs, as many days he is spending in Finland. The material will have it´s last formation back in Belgium. His goal is to construct two complete albums called Haukijärvi. To fund the project Gyselick utilizes internet. "Everyone who participated the project will also get something concrete back.

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