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Scape It Out CoverScape it out is the next stop in the collection of sonic landscapes that are landmarked by Music For Installations.

The album is a result of a proces that you can compare very much with sculpting. The additional gathering of basic materials and first shapeshifting dates back from 2007. Music For Installations used these themes in a set of sonic soundscapes that were brought out to the public.

The third track, Tutorial for opposite moving circles (and it sounds just like that), has been selected by Soundlab

for their Soundlab Exhibition in 2009. The drone made its on-line appeareance inside this project.


Scape it Out is based on next concept: By sculpting existing sounds recorded somewhere on this planet, this recording has resulted in a very direct sonic landscape. The basic material has been shapeshifted, turned inside out, swapped and merged to create basic elements. This results in a new platform of ideas.

The soundscapes are a result of continuous refining and polishing of the acquired elements. By releasing them into the studio and giving them their own life, these four audio-
adventures have emerged and will from now on be like a 'perpetuum mobile', only stopped by our faders. It is still a dream that somewhere in the real world a place can be created where one of these audio scapes can be put in an endless loop.

You, as listener, will then be invited to sit in the middle and experience. That's what it is all about, experiencing sounds.


You can find all music for installations audio examples in the player on your left hand side. Here you find the album related soundclips:


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