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Welcome to the Audio-blog page. Music For Installations will conduct a few interviews during the residency in Arteles. You can listen to these talks on this page by clicking on one of the audio buttons. We will meet and have met already some very interesting people. So have a listen!


Logo Backlight>> Meet Ulrich Haas-Pursiainen, curator of the Backlight Photo Festival in Tampere, organized this year in September under the theme 'Migration and Nomadic Living'. The first part of this audio-blog talks about Ulrich in his role as curator of the festival and about the main theme of it.

The second part of the interview at the famous meeting point in Arteles, called the kitchen table, is about how Ulrich sees Arteles, what his experience is and where it should go.


Gemma Tweedie Imagining>> Life from the drawing tables inside the Arteles building: Gemma Tweedie about works, performance art and future project.


Gemma Tweedie combines video-performance and project based work along with text and photography in her visual arts practice. Past work has engaged with our attempts at common understanding and explored intersecting roles of instruction, suggestion and participation. Tweedie's current ongoing project, Unbecoming escape, explores notions of escape from lived economies and myths of romanticisation.




Helene Baril Entrace Arteles


>> Hélène Baril and Karel Verbruggen are two old-residentees and visited Arteles for the second time during our stay. Have a listen to what they have to say about the magic of Arteles (interview taken outside, so expect some headwinds).


Hélène Baril's work intend to fix painting in both an ordinary and alternate reality. She sees herself as a housepainter so painting can be a tool that serves her sabotage of reality's undertaking. The picture here is a part of the entrance of the Arteles building, done by Hélène.



Heli Venesmaki Griffoon


>> I drove a lot around with a bicycle and checked out the great Finnish outdoors. I can assure you, it's not flat, but good excercise. As it happens, I was invited for coffee and ice-cream and met Heli Vanesmäki. She has an artistic talent and is very much into dragons. If you are curious about her work, you can check her virtual artspace.





Sabine SchruenderVera Hofmann>>Coming up next are Sabine Schründer and Vera Hofmann who have just done a succesful unveiling of their masterwork artpiece 'An Informal Meeting Of Nothing In Particular'. In the first part of the interview Sabine and Vera talk about their personal projects.




Benten Clay LogoIn the second part Sabine and Vera talk about nothing in particular and very informal concerning Benten Clay, a newly founded artistic corporation run by them, with its headquarters in Berlin. At Arteles they focus on their long-term project „Age of an End“. In that Benten Clay explores different aspects of power, political and economical threats and environmental concerns with the techniques of photography, found data, installation and staged video performances. Their approach is both conceptual and aesthetic, complex and associative but nevertheless irritatingly light.





Eiliyas MarajGround

>> Next on the 'target' list is Eiliyas. He is deep into music and sound and as a thinker he reflects deeply on what it is all about.

Eiliyas is an artist working with "experimental" music, video, creative writing, new media, visual art, and varied concepts. Also he is curator of the YEAH C-MiniVideoArt Festival in Atlanta,GA and has a number of music releases and installation projects.




Life On A Leaf House>> My visit to Turku was one to not forget. I had the honour the visit the Life On A Leaf House, created by Jan-Erik Andersson (picture property of Jan-Erik). Separate from the large discussions that went out by the buildling of the house, it is a statement that everybody should create his/her own house. The cube is not the only form that can be used for building. I'am very grateful that Jan-Erik wanted to share time and we had some very interesting talks about the house, life and art. The house itself is for me a building that has an emotion, which is a lot of time forgotten in architecture. Emotion is not something that has to be attached to organic houses like the Life On A Leaf House, but should be used also in modern architecture anyway. Like music can be expermental, it still needs some emotions, distant or close, positive or negative.


Jan-Erik talks about his views, the reactions and the concepts of the Life On A Leaf House in next interview.



The House On A Leaf is like coming out of a tale, and that was surely the idea. Inside you find works of a lot of artists each telling a story. The atmosphere is very open and what I like a lot is the presence of curves in the walls, breaking that harsh 'box-model' you find back in most of the houses. There is something very attractive about a sidewall that moves slightly outwards. It makes a room more lively. It sometimes remind me of the principles of the architect and artist Hundertwasser who stated that the curve is actually more connected to humans than the straight line.


I have found a video of the House On A Leaf which you can look at here above. The man who was choosing the music for this documentary had probably some weird drinks on his/her table while editing, so please try not to be distracted by it.


Arteles Building>> The Arteles Team should also not be forgotten in this audioblog! You can find these interviews also on the about Arteles page. They are at the heart of Arteles and are working hard to make the Arteles project a beautiful one. In the first part of the interview, they talk about what arteles is and about the fact that it is more then a residency. Pekka tells you about the bad situation the artists are in for the moment, as there exist no real fee to keep the artist going. Arteles wants to be a collective network. Lets join forces!


In the second part the team talks about the Haukijärvi area and the impact of a remote place on a creative center and an artist. The importance of an 'undefined space' is stressed out here.


In the last part we hear about the beginning and the background. They talk about the strong points and the opportunities and the time issue.


>> Gwyneth Anderson speaks about the way she works with the correlation between landscapes and people. You have to consider this both internal and external. Partially Music For Installations is also about the impression that a landscape makes and the emotional translation, but Gwyneth goes even further. You can listen to the interview here to find out more.




Emulation Still - Gwyneth Anderson


Gwyneth Anderson is a Chicago-based artist whose work exists in a variety of media including video, animation, installation, and drawing. Her work explores perception, emotion, and the connection between humanity and landscape. The image still here to the left, is taken from a video called Emulation. In this video, Gwyneth tries to emulate the movement of plants and trees by using her hand and arm.




Jenna Box Pro Still


>> Jenna Corcoran tells about her toughts about being an artist ... or not and how Arteles helped her in this discussion. Also Jenna speaks about her surveillance project and her works on that topic. The image here is a still taken from video surveillance camera's installed in her own living space as part of the project.


As a Melbourne artist, Jenna Corcoran works with video, installation, scale models, photography and performance to create her multidisciplinary artworks. Her work explores the diminishing dichotomies of the public/private, reality/hyperreality, authentic/fake and surveillance/spectacle. She has a PhD in Visual Art and lectures at Victoria University and is a committee member of Brunswick Arts Space.





>> And if you think it is always deep and profound talking, then there are luckily these blooperish proofs of non-existant conversations.

>> Or how about a lesson in Finnish?

>> Next lesson: how to sing a Finnish song about Arteles.



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