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About Arteles (source website): The most international artist residency in Finland welcoming over 80 creative professionals per year. It is an inspiring place to produce original work and collaborate with other energetic and ambitious artists & creative professionals. We are place that encourages experimentation and innovation - a place that also gives voice to works that otherwise have nowhere else to be produced or displayed.

There are lots of opportunities to connect with the locals and get plugged into the contemporary art scene in Finland.

Besides fostering creativity, we also value partnering with established institutions and influential figures to create a rich network for artists to be embedded into. Our foreign collaborators around the world value the selected group of Arteles artists and are willing to offer working possibilities for fresh inspiring projects and new creative people.

We see relationships with artists as ongoing and continue to work with you even after you leave. We have new refurnished living and studio spaces which are designed to support creative activities and social exchanges.

The location of Arteles is in the extraordinary nature of Hämeenkyrö Finland (European Union Landscape Award in 2009) where you can soak in the fresh air, go for wandering walks in the deep forests, swimming in the many lakes nearby, go skiing and skating at winter time, do guided hiking and trekking trips in the nearby nature or have daily relaxing in a traditional wood-fire sauna. This makes Arteles an unique experience!


Arteles BuildingMeet the Arteles Team: Inga Mustakallio, Pekka Ruuska and Teemu Rasanen. They are at the heart of Arteles and are working hard to make the Arteles project a beautiful one. In the first part of the interview, they talk about what arteles is and about the fact that it is more then a residency. Pekka tells you about the bad situation the artists are in for the moment, as there exist no real fee to keep the artist going. Arteles wants to be a collective network. Lets join forces!


In the second part the team talks about the Haukijärvi area and the impact of a remote place on a creative center and an artist. The importance of an 'undefined space' is stressed out here.


In the last part we hear about the beginning and the background. They talk about the strong points and the opportunities and the time issue.


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