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Scape It Out CoverScape it out is the next stop in the collection of sonic landscapes that are landmarked by Music For Installations.

The album is a result of a proces that you can compare very much with sculpting. The additional gathering of basic materials and first shapeshifting dates back from 2007. Music For Installations used these themes in a set of sonic soundscapes that were brought out to the public.

The third track, Tutorial for opposite moving circles (and it sounds just like that), has been selected by Soundlab

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Fear, the first track on the album 'Dark Side' has been selected to participate on the Soundgate Project in Denmark.

We particulary like the idea of 'patience'. Check what they say on their website: www.soundgate.dk.

"(quote:) The audience will only be able to access the sound through high quality headphones and track information will be displayed on a screen. This means that there's no audience interaction such as skipping, fast-forwarding or stopping. This clearly challenges new concepts such as ”on-demand” and requires old school skills such as patience,

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soundlab imageAs in 2009, we are again selected with a track for the soundlab exhibition. This year, soundlab VII will set off in autumn. It is an on-line available exhibiton of musical artists. Soundlab is organised by NewMediaFest and curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

'Soundlab represents an exciting composition consisting of soundcreations by soundartists which want to activate the senses, to encourage the listener to dive deeply until the bottom of the pool which is offerring a wide range of unusual soundart works.'

The track Fear - Signals of a Dying Planet has been selected

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Logo Temporary Art Show

For the first installment of Temporary Art Show 3, selected artists and collectives present diverse works of sculpture, installation, intervention, performance, drawing, sound and video for one night

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statement imageMusic For Installations is about experiencing. This is the place where sound meets space! Imagine being in a dark rectangular room with speakers in the four corners and only you as an object, absorbing the sound. Catching these sounds leads to sonic landscapes and active soundworlds. The music fits perfectly in empty places, dark rooms and can be the soundtrack of your artistic installations.

This is the basic principle of Music For Installations. Life is a stream of sounds. Most people don't hear it and let it pass. But if you capture that flow of chaotic patterns that surrounds us, you can find answers in what is moving around us,

Music as Communication PDF Print E-mail

music communication imageSound can be a powerful tool to explain to listeners, in a non-analytical way, what life is all about. Take a look at the 'Dark Side' album and its creation process. The message emerging from all whom we talked to in this project was very clear. Everybody needed less talk about prescriptions and more room to express themselves. Therefore: listen to the creative input of people in stead of reading books about it!

Now, that should do for a statement, isn't it?

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