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It's a huge discussion that finally takes places into the world of art. What is the position of a curator in the evolving world with all its new technologies? I've been wondering a long time what the criteria exactly are for a curator involved in sound art. And why is sound art so far away in museums sometimes?


With SoundArtCuration a platform for discussion is created. By lectures and seminars there will be a focus on the methodologies, histories, theories and practices of sound art curating.


During the seminar at the ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie) Karlsruhe, Music For Installations will bring a lecture about the position of an artist in this story. (19/21-08)

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Haukijärvi Album Cover

Work in progress!! During the residency period in Arteles, music for installations is working on a 31 day cycle of musical pieces, reflecting on the magnificent landscapes in the Haukijärvi region. These sceneries just ask for some soundscapes! Every day, a new piece will be created. After the residency the tracks will be mastered and by end 2012 they should be available as an album. You can follow the tracks day by day by looking into the AUDIOSCAPES BLOG.

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Arteles LogoMusic For Installations has been selected for a residency at Arteles in Finland. During October you can expect a serie of scaping musical contributions. The exciting fact of Arteles is that you are there in a group of artists. We hope that bridges will be crossed and cooperations will be forged. Some performance is foreseen. The lecture information about working techniques will also be put available. Furthermore there are plans to create a sonic landscape that will reside in the beautiful existing natural landscape around Haukijärvi. Click to learn more about the residency in Arteles. You can read about the residency and listen to audio scapes created and several interviews.

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Haukijarvi Music Cycle Picture

On the evening of 21th April there we do a performance in Belgium, Kruishoutem. The music that will be used is derived from the forthcoming Haukijärvi Music Cycle. This is a good opportunity to present the works from Finland. The album itself will be released shortly after. Mail us if you are interested to join.






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Logo Emergeandsee


Emergeandsee kindly made it possible to put the lecture on-line that I did for their En-Détail-festival in Berlin. The lecture makes a short travel through some of the techniques that are used by Music For Installations in his creation process. Ever tried to used the sound of somebody snoring into a composition by using it as an effect? We did... . The lecture start with two general concepts. The first one is "Everything is Music" which departs from the basis that you can use every sound or detail to start a creative workflow. The second concept states that "Restriction creates Freedom". By restricting yourself to certain elements

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Haukijarvi Music Cycle PictureOn Thursday 27th of October, Music For Installations will perform live at the Arteles Creative Center. It's the perfect moment to present the results of the Haukijärvi Cycle as they are in their present state. We are very much looking forward to this event as it is a good opportunity to communicate artistically with the fellow residents of Arteles. Everybody is inivited to have a listen. Please bring some comfortable lying gear, like a small mattrass along.



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Soundset is a musical project aiming to translate visual art into electronic music. The project is organised by The Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent (Belgium).


Participants are invited to find a sound which connects them personally with a piece of art from the current exhibition Modernism, Belgium abstract art in Europe. Now doesn't that sound a bit what Music For Installations is trying to do? We are happy to be invited into the project that is open for beginners as for advanced people. During the weekend of the 27th/28th of April you can find MFI back into the exhibition working on a new soundscape.

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Music For Installations contributed a piece of music for the Music from the Masses project from Matthias Fritsch. He created several clips in the length of an average music video.The clips are then put available online and can be downloaded by musicians, composers and sound designers from all over the world that wish to produce and propose soundlayers for them.

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Logo FileFILE, Electronic language international festival, has selected the track Braindamage from the Dark Side project to be used on their Hypersonica exhibition. This event is been held in Sao Paulo in Brasil from July 18th until August 21st, 2011. We are very happy to participate in this exposition.

About File:"Since 2000, FILE Electronic Language International Festival - constitutes an international interdisciplinary platform to stimulate the development of innovative and creative projects in the areas of arts and technologies. FILE is a cultural, non-profit organization that proposes a reflection on the main questions of the contemporary world’s electronic-digital context, always having in mind a globalized and transdisciplinarity view in the political complexity of the cultural universe of our time.For twelve years now, FILE collaborates, through exhibitions and symposiums,

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Pori Art MuseumOn 12th of October, the Arteles residency artist did their presentations in the Pori Art Museum. During the event different artists from different parts of the world present their ways of working and the production processes in their cultures and countries of residence.

Music For Installations took part in this presentation and talked about the general principles behind the concept. You can hear tracks of the Dark Side Cycle and a preview on Joutsen taken from the Haukijärvi Cycle. The whole presentation is available here in this article.

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Haukijarvi Music Cycle PictureOn Sunday 30th of October at 16.00h, Music For Installations will perform at the Hämeekyrö Library during a Lecture Event around Noble Prize winner writer Frans Eemil Sillanpää. This will involve the presentation of some pieces of the Haukijärvi Music Cycle. It will be an interesting afternoon and we are looking forward.

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Pori Art MuseumArteles residency artist presentations in Pori Art Museum on 12th of October 12.09.2011 in the Satellite Platform. This is a new and fresh presentation format that encourages the dialogue and internationalization between the artist, the audience and the institution. During the event different artists from different parts of the world present their ways of working and the production processes in their cultures and countries of residence.

We are also taking part in this presention around 19.00h. You can follow the live stream through the Pori Art Museum webpage: www.poriartmuseum.fi/fin and the Arteles webpage: www.arteles.org. One can participate in the event and discussions through chat. In co-operation with: ARTELES, www.arteles.org, we will present some pieces of sonic landscapes and talk about the principles and workflows in our audio work. A first preview of the audioscapes done in the Arteles Residency will be presented.

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