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Album cover Live at the museum of fine artsPresenting the next finished artwork: Live at the Museum of Fine Arts: released on the DATABLOEM LABEL and also available on Bandcamp! The album is the result of an edited version of the recording of the Live Set in the Museum of Fine Arts in Gent on 28th of November 2013.


With the very important help by Niek Cornil, Marie-Julie Dellaert, MSK Ghent, Freesound.org, Ariovaldo A. Giaretta and Dennis from DATABLOEM!

I've been asked to set up soundscapes inspired on the theme of a forest. The live performance was in the half circled central aula of the Museum between beautiful sculptures and columns.


Niek Cornil was present to add live video during the performance. Niek reads perfectly the music and translates this into strong video. Have a look at the You Tube page of Music For Installations to see some snippets! Also present in the room was a person working with fragrants.


Album cover Live at the museum of fine arts


Self-Imaging PDF Print E-mail

Self ImagingRacism is a quick used term nowadyas. Due to the current changes through Europe, echo's from darker times emerge back at the surface. On the other side of the spectrum, there is also a tidal current which opposes any critisizm against the current decision processes within Europe, setting these critics aside as xenophobic racism, in stead of taking them seriously. Both are very unhealthy sounds within our current European entity. The pillars of democracy are shaking. Music For Installations shared a track to support Self-Imaging.

Fortaleza Aves Video PDF Print E-mail

Picture Aves Hannes DiehlHannes Diehl asked me to work on his video project about strange bird creatures and fishes. The imagery resulted in a display on the walls of a building in Fortaleza, Brazil. The animals get some motion in the video and to support this movement, Music For Installations jumped in with field recordings and created soundfiles. The display was done during Vila das Artes during January and March 2015. The resulted video is posted on Vimeo by Hannes and can by looked at in this full article or on the Video page. (picture from Hannes Diehl)

Dark Side Sofa at Istanbul PDF Print E-mail

Sounds Like Art Poster

Current Program PDF Print E-mail


  • Metsä Pako: video and music installations at Brunswick Melbourne: March 2014
  • Kasa Galeri: the dark side sofa at Instanbul: April 2014
  • With Jan: sound on locations and visual art work with Jan Vindevogel at Oudenaarde: May 2014
  • The Small Infinite: sound and video, curated by Lanfranco Aceti, at John Hansard Gallery - Southhampton: July - August 2014

Blog items will appear on the website when available.

Benten Clay Video with Music For Installations

Lecture ZKM Soundart Curating PDF Print E-mail

It's a huge discussion that finally takes places into the world of art. What is the position of a curator in the evolving world with all its new technologies? I've been wondering a long time what the criteria exactly are for a curator involved in sound art. And why is sound art so far away in museums sometimes?


With SoundArtCuration a platform for discussion is created. By lectures and seminars there will be a focus on the methodologies, histories, theories and practices of sound art curating.


During the seminar at the ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie) Karlsruhe, Music For Installations will bring a lecture about the position of an artist in this story. (19/21-08)

Melancholia Video PDF Print E-mail

Self ImagingWith Melancholia Lars Von Trier made a very intense movie about fear and depression. Von Trier found a way to translate these very troubled emotional difficulities, from which he struggles himself, through this incredible motion picture. This track is a tribute to Melancholia in all its intensity. It's a reflection and translation of these emotions of which nobody dares to speak. Now, emotional translation of anxiety and depression, does that ring any bell? The video is compiled by Niek Cornil. Niek has a great way to translate the sound into image.

Textielfestival Ronse PDF Print E-mail

TextielfestivalThe opener of the Textile Festival is in the hands of Music For Installations. Friday 25th of September at 21.00 at the Ververij in Ronse. This evening will be a mix of soundscapes and ambient music, with some reflections to the cosmic music from my other project Lounasan. Everybody will be invited to ly down.


Niek Cornil will translate the sound into live video. Niek is able to give the right image to the music, thus making the whole presentation even more stronger. Close your eyes and float on the weirdness.Free entrance!


Expo with Jan Vindevogel PDF Print E-mail

Jan Vindevogel ZelfLive on earth is quite meaningless. All this running about, getting important, finding a place for infinity. Why? Together with Jan Vindevogel, and with the kind support of Guy Van den Storme, Music for Installations will display works in Oudenaarde, Belgium at the Gevaertsdreef 1. The exhibition will contain new visual artworks from Jan and soundworks from Music for Installations. Both will be presented on Friday 9th May at 20.00 at a very atmospheric location. There will be drinks and food available to help you prepare your mind getting ready for artistic consumption. The soundworks will be displayed on different locations within the building and there will be a live-moment with the presentation of soundscapes.

Metsä Pako Melbourne PDF Print E-mail

Metsä Pako InstallationMetsä Pako is the result of a collaboration between Jenna Corcoran (Melbourne), Benten Clay (Berlin) and Music for Installations. The four met at the Arteles residency in 2011 in Finland. It's great to have people investing time in creating video art work inspired by the sounds and music that had been created on location. The display is at the Brunswick Art Space in Melbourne from March 7th until 16th.The selected soundscapes and music are coming out of the Haukijärvi-cycle,

Soundscape Live - Museum Gent PDF Print E-mail

Image of the Museum of Fine Arts Gent

Thursday night 28/11 is the Night of the Museum at the Museum of Fine Arts in Gent. The theme is forest. I've been asked to set up a soundscape inspired by that time. That is certainly something to look forward to. The soundscape will be played along with a person who works with fragrants. This will be a nice combination of both senses that will be triggered. For this project, I'll create new scapes and drones hence following my motto on top of this site:

Soundset Modernism PDF Print E-mail

Soundset is a musical project aiming to translate visual art into electronic music. The project is organised by The Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent (Belgium).


Participants are invited to find a sound which connects them personally with a piece of art from the current exhibition Modernism, Belgium abstract art in Europe. Now doesn't that sound a bit what Music For Installations is trying to do? We are happy to be invited into the project that is open for beginners as for advanced people. During the weekend of the 27th/28th of April you can find MFI back into the exhibition working on a new soundscape.

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